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About Us

This brief orientation is intended to help you understand how CTCA, and this website, work.

CTCA is led by a volunteer Executive Committee (EC), made up of elected officers and representatives from large, medium and small/rural health jurisdictions from around the state. 

  • Guidelines: CTCA and the California Department of Public Health TB Control Branch produce and update TB control guidelines, as resources allow and need determines. TB controllers, their staff, and private medical providers refer to these guidelines. Guidelines not being updated are available on the Additional Resources page, the second submenu, under Guidelines.
  •  Responsibilities of Public Health Departments to Control Tuberculosis
  • Resources: Learn about Californian legal resources for public health departments.
  • Conferences: CTCA hosts an annual educational conference each spring, and two TB Controllers Legislative and Policy meetings each year, in the Fall and Spring. Our upcoming events and archived meeting materials can be found under the Events tab.
  • Workplan: CTCA elects new officers in the Spring during the annual conference. The leadership cycle runs generally June to June. At the beginning of each cycle, we evaluate ongoing efforts and set priorities for the new leadership cycle at an Executive Committee Transition Meeting.
  • Executive Committee (EC) Meetings: Contact us to participate in our monthly Executive Committee calls. On these calls, we discuss progress working groups are making on EC priorities. We encourage our community of TB control and preventionists to submit items for the discussion on that call. Go to the Executive Committee page in this section to see our current leadership roster.
  • Committees & Working Groups: Get involved! Join a Committee or Working Group. Learn about opportunities on monthly Executive Committee calls.
  • Directory: We work to keep this statewide TB control and prevention staff directory current as TB control questions from the public should be directed to local public health department TB control staff. The California Department of Public Health TB Control Branch staff  is listed in the directory, as well for questions from the public, private providers and public health departments.

Any questions? Feel free to contact us!